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Ever wonder where to find gigs to get booked to speak? 

Join the Speaker X Academy today for just $1 & get monthly leads of events & press opportunities looking for speakers! 

(As well as expert coaching & templates to learn how to pitch so you get booked to speak!)

"After the last WEX coaching call I was able to focus on my revenue strategy for the rest of this year which resulted in a $16,000 day AND I will end up closing out the month close to $20,000. I'm now able to see where I need to laser focus instead of splitting my energy all around releasing a lot of overwhelm and having too many balls in the air! Thanks to my WEX sisters and Alexa for making it easy!"

- Mary Silver, Founder & CEO, Baillee Enterprises LLC


"Being a member of WEX has elevated my business tremendously over the past few months. The connections that I have made alone has made the membership so valuable. Active Kids 2.0 has been included into the Oscars DPA gift bags which will be in the hands of over 150 celebrities and that's all due to being a part of such a powerful space the cultivates connection and growth for all members!"

- Larissa Maloney, M.S., Founder of Active Kids 2.0

"I love being a WEX member! I heard Alexa Carlin speak a few months ago & immediately connected with her vision. Since then, I joined her community and my perspective of being a leader and how I show up has shifted. I feel more confident and empowered in how I lead and have new skills to put into action so I can better serve my community. Through WEX, I was also given the opportunity to sign on with WEX Press & GracePoint Publishing to release my first solo book! 

Phoebe Leona, Founder/Owner, nOMad


 We'll help you rise above the noise by using public speaking to grow your business without the social media overwhelm...

... and with an amazing community by your side!

Every Month You'll Receive...

We've curated the academy to ensure you're moving forward in your business without the overwhelm. You'll receive the following, every month.

Expert Training

Live group coaching calls with a seasoned expert to become a better speaker & learn how to grow your business using your voice on every platform. (podcasts, tv, live streaming, video, & stages!)


Every month we deliver 10+ opportunities to you in the areas of speaking gigs & press opportunities. We become your research team so you can use your time to land the gig!

Q&A with Alexa

The key to growth is momentum, that's why every month Alexa hosts office hours to answer your questions, keep the momentum going, & ensure you are moving forward.

But that's not all…

You'll Also Gain Access To These BONUSES!

In addition to what you receive each month, you'll also get:

✅ Vault of Expert Trainings & Courses

  • In the academy you'll be given a unique username & password to enter your Member Hub, where you'll discover courses, trainings, past speaker events on demand that will help you grow your business & brand.

✅ Pitch Templates

  • Ready to pitch yourself for a speaking gig or press feature? We share our winning pitch templates that have landed us HUGE deals! ($10k for a speaking gig? Yep, it's possible!)

✅ Quarterly Revenue Planning

  • A member favorite! We begin every quarter with a happy hour planning session with Alexa Carlin to help you hit your goals & plan strategically for the quarter ahead!

 The Inner Scoop 

  • Every Monday we send a members only email called "The Inner Scoop" with everything you need to know to keep growing!

 Private Community

  • Gain access to our private members only Facebook & Discord groups where you can gain instant feedback and support along your journey!

✅ Member Discounts

  • Members receive perks and exclusive discounts to products, services and businesses.

✅ Event Tickets

  • Receive free or discounted member only pricing for WEX event experiences.

Sign up today and you'll also score access to these 2 exclusive bonuses valued at over $1,000!

⭐️ TikTok for Business course 

⭐️ How to Sell from the Stage course

The WEX Success Path

We've designed a path that'll help take your brand from unknown to unforgettable.

No more guessing, wasting time down the YouTube rabbit hole, or wondering HOW to do what others are teaching.

Everything we've built has been from the perspective of the entrepreneur, to provide you with an additional asset in your business.

It is not a course. It is your community.

Together we will build your platform, get your voice seen and heard, and provide you with the right connections so you can grow a sustainable business and brand.

Without the overwhelm and frustration. Everything inside the membership is organized to help you implement what you learn immediately.

→ If you took action from one training every month- the ROI could be LIMITLESS.

→ If you applied for just one opportunity we send your way- it would be worth the time saved seeking out these opportunities.

→ If you got clear on one idea during the coaching call - you can 10x your ROI!

You don't need to be utilizing every single aspect of the academy to see value from being a member. We work to provide so much to our members that no matter what your needs, you'll find pieces that provide you what you're looking for in order to grow.

"The WEX Membership is definitely the place to be. Everything Alexa Carlin creates is with excellence, love and generosity. There is an abundance of information and the content is broken into bite size pieces which makes it easy to consume and follow." - Nina Obier, Clarity Coach & Founder of Success Simplified

"The Wex Membership takes the fear out of starting your own business. Whether you're looking to start or grow your business, Alexa and the WEX community clearly and easily guide you from one step to the next, making entrepreneurship go from feeling impossible to like anything is possible!" - Angela Ribbler, Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategist at Sola Salon Studios

"The masterminds have been super helpful with me winning in general--sharing ideas and getting feedback and resources on the spot--I'm then able to go back and take action and not waste a ton of time trying to "figure it out" (.i.e., taking another online course, research, the rabbit hole called YouTube)."

Evingerlean D. B. Hudson, Founder and Chief Strategist at Eve Hudson, Ph.D.

You’ve put in the work. You’ve come this far. Now it’s time to get to the next level.


Speaker X Academy is your chance to finally see the big picture, connect all the pieces together, and take ACTION that produces real results!
It’s an opportunity for you to be part of something bigger than yourself. For you to feel connected, supported and held accountable for pursuing your dreams and goals.
Enroll Today & Get Your Message to the Masses!


Instead of feeling overwhelmed in a sea of information, spending countless hours in the research zone, working and working only to see little results; we will give you the framework to create a plan and strategy that fits your values, strengths and passion.

No longer will you need to question if you're doing the right things. 
No longer will you need to spend hours researching the latest algorithm changes or how to use a new social media feature. 
No longer will you be working from home feeling uninspired, unmotivated, and uncertain about your future. 

Your feelings play a HUGE part in your success because they are what ignite all your decisions and your level of action. 

We focus not only on providing you the strategy and guides for implementing the knowledge directly into your business, but also the energy you need to stay persistent, confident, and motivated!


Erin Oprea

Author, The 4x4 Diet

Cheslie Kryst

Miss USA 2019

Christmas Abbott

Athlete Business Expert

Kim Coles

CEO, KimColes.tv

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Monthly Live Q&A Calls with Alexa

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Access Alexa's swipes + templates

 BONUS: "How To Sell From The Stage" Course for FREE 

BONUS: "TikTok for Business" Course for FREE 



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Monthly Live Training 

Monthly Live Q&A Calls with Alexa

Access Private Facebook Group

Unlock 1x Online Training Course/mths

Access Alexa's swipes + templates

 BONUS: "How To Sell From The Stage" Course for FREE 

BONUS: "TikTok for Business" Course for FREE 


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Monthly Live Training 

Monthly Live Q&A Calls with Alexa

Access Private Facebook Group

Unlock 1x Online Training Course/mths

Access Alexa's swipes + templates

 BONUS: "How To Sell From The Stage" Course for FREE 

BONUS: "TikTok for Business" Course for FREE 

P.S. Did you know this payment is a write off for your business? Yep! You can write off 100% of the cost of this academy!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We are putting 100% of the RISK on us! 

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