Top 5 Reasons Women Love Female-Only Networking Groups

As Alexa Carlin, founder of the Women Empower Expo, aptly puts it, #MeToo, #TimesUp, #NowWhat? In this national moment that has clearly identified serious, entrenched problems in relations between the sexes, what are the actions we can take to move the needle forward?


From Adversity To Inspiration — Helping Female Entrepreneurs Learn And Grow

We talk to Alexa Carlin, the woman behind the Women’s Empowerment Expo. Learn how she went from a medical-induced coma to igniting inspiration in women to learn and grow.


A Candid Conversation with Alexa Rose Carlin

Given a Second Chance at Life, You Make the Most of It… And Become Determined to Help Others to Do the Same When you literally face death and win, you realize that there is nothing that you cannot overcome.


“Do Everything With PASSION” Words of Wisdom With Alexa Carlin CEO of the Women Empower Expo

I had the pleasure to interview Alexa Carlin. Alexa is a renowned Public Speaker, Founder & CEO of the Women Empower Expo, and Creator of Be A Public Speaker©. She launched the Women Empower Expo (WEX) in 2016 and grew it to become the largest event for female entrepreneurs and change leaders in South Florida and Washington D.C. within its first year.


Alexa Carlin Serves A Dose of Contagious Passion at WEX

At 17, she was a CEO. At 21 she had a 1 percent chance to live. At 26, she is empowering and teaching female entrepreneurs how to succeed. Alexa Carlin, the 26-year-old who is bringing female entrepreneurs together to learn, to share, to network, and to succeed. This is a story not just about women helping women, but about Carlin’s journey and the idea of fostering opportunities for women and for aspiring female entrepreneurs to learn, to grow, and to succeed. Her story of empowerment and tenacity is an inspirational one for women in business, actually, for all women.


Alexa Carlin: Girl Boss & Inspirational Speaker

It all started when Alexa Carlin went back to school shopping at the age of 17. She saw a shirt with the continent of Africa in the shape of a peace sign, and checked the tag for more information. Once she saw that they donated 25% of the proceeds to charity, she immediately felt called to contribute her creative skills to the cause. But how?


Fairygodboss of the Week: Alexa Carlin

Alexa Carlin became an entrepreneur at the age of 17. Even at her young age, her career as a jewelry designer and blogger was expanding rapidly. But after a life-threatening illness, her life changed. She became a public speaker, sharing her story across the country, and saw the need for women to be able to connect with other female entrepreneurs. That led her to create the Women Empower Expo.


Inside South Florida: It’s A Woman’s World

The Women Empower Expo encourages women to connect and collaborate with each other in order to create change in their personal lives and their community. Melissa chats with Alexa Carlin, the Founder of the expo, about why you should go to this year’s event!


From Adversity to Inspiration- Business-woman Helping Female Entrepreneurs Learn and Grow

At 21 she had a 1% chance to live.  At 26, she is empowering and teaching female entrepreneurs how to succeed.  This is Alexa Carlin, a 26-year-old who is bringing female entrepreneurs together to learn, to share and to network and to succeed.