How to Start Sharing Your Story 📚

Have you ever sat down to write your story for your book, but had no idea what you were doing? Don’t worry- we have plenty of experience with that feeling. WEX Founder & CEO Alexa Carlin wrote 30,000 words of her story that are still sitting in an abandoned Google Doc because she didn’t know what to do with the words she wrote.

But never fear- WEX is here to make sure your story leaves your Google Doc and lands in the hands of your target audience. Here’s how to start sharing your story:


The first step to sharing your story is actually putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and writing! Get everything you want to include in there, even when it looks less like a proper book with chapters that begin and end succinctly and more like a brain dump of a million ideas.


Next, it’s time to make your content shine! Organization is key here as you take your innermost thoughts and feelings and rework them in a way that leaves your reader captivated...

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How Writing a Book Can Boost Your Biz


The impacts of writing a book on your biz are INSURMOUNTABLE. Writing a book is certainly a long and difficult journey, but the fruits of your labor are like the gift that keeps on giving!

You not only have another product you can share with the world, you have a new PR tool under your belt and an authority juggernaut!

Not convinced? Here are just a few ways writing a book can give your biz a boost to the moon.  

Gain Authority

Having a book is a major authority boost because it shows you have enough credibility on a subject to put your thoughts on paper and in the hands of others in your industry.

When trying to figure out how to go from a $1,000 to a $10,000 speaking fee, WEX Founder & CEO Alexa Carlin noticed all the coaches, business leaders, and speakers she knew were getting the fee she desired had one thing in common: they had a book.

Therefore, writing a book doesn’t just give you a new product to sell, it gives your brand the authority to command...

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