Phoebe Leona: June Member of the Month

member of the month Jun 02, 2021

June is busting out all over!

This WEX Member is getting ready to burst with opportunities! Not only did she co-write a book (coming out July 2021!) and signed up to publish her first solo book with WEX Press this month, she also created this month’s WEX Success Kit!

It is our pleasure to announce June’s Member of the Month… Phoebe Leona!

Phoebe is the Founder of nOMad and the creator of Mvt109™. She guides transformation through somatic movement & expanded awareness practices, so people feel empowered to fully commit to embodying who they are & have a greater sense of belonging. She offers experiences through retreats, trainings, and other online programs within our community.

The mantra she lives by is, “Awareness is the transformation. If we are aware of the patterns that held us back, we pull back the veil and get to take full responsibility in the choices we make in how we show up and serve in the world”

The transformation Phoebe...

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Nina Obier- May Member of the Month!

member of the month May 05, 2021

April showers bring May flowers, and our May Member of the Month sure is a beautiful flower!

This WEX Member had 12 coaches joining her program launch at the end of April on top of crushing multiple press engagements, such as a podcast interview, submitting a piece for a magazine, and, of course, engaging with her community through everyone’s favorite audio-based app, Clubhouse.

This member has been a long-time supporter of the WEX Community, and it is our honor to share that your May Member of the Month is the Funness Facilitator herself, Nina Obier!

Nina is on a mission to support coaches to embrace a simplified business model, message & method so that they can make a living while having a JOYFUL life! One powerful way that she gets her clients to this place is by collaborating with Team Xtreme in certifying and licensing them in a tried, true, and tested coaching system that will result in themselves and their clients having incredible clarity, confidence and...

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Julie Blamphin- April 2021 Member of the Month!

member of the month Apr 07, 2021

Spring has sprung and just like the flowers, this WEX Member is blooming

 Not only did this WEX Member launch her membership, she signed up almost 20 members before she begins in April! This month’s WEX Member of the Month is none other than Julie Blamphin.

Julie Blamphin is on a mission to empower women to rediscover balance, positivity, and joy in their lives through pelvic floor awareness and healing. She has been teaching since the young age of 12 years old and her dedication to teaching pelvic floor awareness and healing is a cause near and dear to her heart given the hardships her mother experienced in 2003 when she received a diagnosis of pelvic floor dysfunction.

Her lesson for the WEX Community is “We spend so much time in our heads as badass women in business but let’s not forget to listen to the body. If something doesn’t FEEL right, just switch it up! If a deadline seems too soon, just push it back a bit. It’s YOUR business. Do what...

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Larissa Maloney- Mar. 2021 Member of the Month!

member of the month Mar 03, 2021

We're excited to announce our March Member of the Month...Larissa Maloney! Since becoming a WEX member Larissa has had SO many wins- from connecting with her dream mentor to creating her ascension model, she is ready to take her business to the next level with these wins. 

Larissa is the Founder and CEO of Active Kids 2.0, which is the fastest growing on-demand service providing parents and kids with fitness and wellness classes from the safety of their home! Larissa's lesson for her fellow female founders is "life doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us. Believe in yourself and take the leap because what is meant to be for you will present itself in the most beautiful way."

We got a chance to conduct a rapid-fire interview with Larissa to share her top tips, tools and advice she's learned throughout her journey as an entrepreneur!

Q: What’s your favorite tool or business service you’ve purchased?

A: My virtual assistant! She’s a complete...

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Mary Silver- Jan. 2021 Member of the Month!

member of the month Feb 24, 2021

To honor the amazing ladies we have the pleasure of having in our Inner Circle, we started 2021 off with the creation of our Member of the Month program! The Member of the Month is an exemplary member of our Inner Circle community that has embodied the WEX values and has shared her wins with our community. Our very first member of the month is… Mary Silver!

Mary Silver is a business and success coach empowering coaches, consultants, & heart-centered service providers to build a business they can fall in love with. She is passionate about helping women gain financial independence and freedom by building an online business that is fueled by their passions! If she could share one lesson with her fellow female entrepreneurs, it would be to always remember that "you have everything you need to be successful inside you right now! Tune into yourself, follow the path your imagination shows you, and never give up!"

Ready to get to know Mary a little better? Here are her rapid-fire...

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Tollisha Joseph- Feb. 2021 Member of the Month!

member of the month Feb 24, 2021

The month of love is upon us and we couldn’t be happier to kick it off by showing another member of our community some love! This Inner Circle member has gone above and beyond this month by implementing what she’s learning through the WEX membership by restructuring her services to provide a better experience for herself and her clients AND taking on an active role in our Clubhouse club to provide a valuable and fun experience for our community. Without further ado, the member of the month is Tollisha Joseph! 

Tollisha Joseph is the Founder of The Official Glue. As a networking strategist, she helps individuals master the art of networking and get on the YES side of their business. She creates strategies based on her clients’ networking needs in order to get her clients in front of the people that they want to hear their message.

Her catchphrase is “connecting what you know with how you grow” and is the foundation behind her business. Her message...

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