How Writing a Book Can Boost Your Biz


The impacts of writing a book on your biz are INSURMOUNTABLE. Writing a book is certainly a long and difficult journey, but the fruits of your labor are like the gift that keeps on giving!

You not only have another product you can share with the world, you have a new PR tool under your belt and an authority juggernaut!

Not convinced? Here are just a few ways writing a book can give your biz a boost to the moon. 🌙 

Gain Authority

Having a book is a major authority boost because it shows you have enough credibility on a subject to put your thoughts on paper and in the hands of others in your industry.

When trying to figure out how to go from a $1,000 to a $10,000 speaking fee, WEX Founder & CEO Alexa Carlin noticed all the coaches, business leaders, and speakers she knew were getting the fee she desired had one thing in common: they had a book.

Therefore, writing a book doesn’t just give you a new product to sell, it gives your brand the authority to command higher fees and prices for your services!

Reach Your Audience through a Whole New Medium

Having a book helps you resonate with your audience in a long-form medium where you can be super open and vulnerable. This not only gives you a forum to speak freely with your intended reader, it helps build your relationship with the reader even further as they feel more and more connected to you.

Opens New Opportunities

There are a whole slew of opportunities that come with being a published author! Some of them include a book tour, book signings, and additional press opportunities in regards to your book.

In addition, having a book helps you indirectly attract opportunities. For example, you might beat someone out for a speaking spot because of the prestige being a published author brings.

Helps Generate MASSIVE Content Ideas

You can pull SO MUCH CONTENT for your various platforms from a book. For example, Glennon Doyle creates quote graphics from her book “Untamed” and often shares a bit about the times she mentions in her book. Thereby taking endless inspiration from her previous work.

Helps You Reach an Entirely New Audience

Some audiences are best reached by book! Therefore, by having a book available, you have the opportunity to connect with current audience members who enjoy receiving your content long form and new audience members that find you on the shelves.

In addition to the shelves, having a book gives you an opportunity to reach audiences by offering your book as an incentive. For example, you can use your book for giveaways, include it in gift bags or as standalone gifts, and can include it as an incentive in any of the initiatives you’re doing (ex. First 50 people to buy tickets to X event will receive a copy of my book!)


These are the main ways that writing a book can boost your biz. However, there are plenty more! What other benefits to your biz can you envision for when you write your book?

Ready to get started writing yours? Contact us with your book idea and let’s see if we can get you published!


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