Women Empower X Expands Into Publishing With WEX Press

Uncategorized May 13, 2021

In late 2015 I had a vision to create an inclusive and diverse community of women who value collaboration over competition. 

In early 2016 that vision became a reality when I founded the Women Empower X. 

Since 2016 we've impacted over 20,000 women at our global events offline and over 10 million people online through our digital initiatives. Throughout these last five years we've worked to listen to our community and provide solutions to the problems women entrepreneurs and business leaders face in their business. 

Today, I'm excited to announce a new division of the Women Empower X as we expand into publishing with WEX Press. 

WEX Press will be the official imprint of the Women Empower X committed to publishing diverse women's voices in business. 

We know there are thousands of women in our community and beyond who have a powerful message and story and we believe that story needs to be shared to the masses. While self-publishing a book is an option, we understand the weight and credibility you receive being a published author, especially when it comes to growing your business. 

The publishing industry has favored male authors for far too long and we are here to make that change and offer women a traditional publishing deal through WEX Press. 

WEX Press provides an opportunity for successful and up and coming women in business to share their expertise in a book. WEX Press’s exclusive book imprint will produce top-quality non-fiction and fiction books, with the same purpose and vision you’ve come to know and love through the Women Empower X initiatives.

WEX Press offers the distribution and brand recognition of a traditional press while still allowing authors full rights to their own work. The line will feature titles from business professionals, entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches with inspiring stories.

We are very excited to partner with Gracepoint Publishing on this new venture and are grateful for their team of women publishers who are also committed to this mission. 

WEX Press is looking for strong thought leaders, business professionals, experts, and more who are ready to publish their story with the world.

To learn more visit the WEX Press page here.

Thank you for being on this journey with us. As I always say, this is just the beginning! 

Xx Alexa Carlin 

Founder & CEO, Women Empower X


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