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3 Main Reasons You Need to Hire a Freelancer

business development by kimberly morse productivity Jun 09, 2021

Feeling overwhelmed in your business? Spending time on the not-so-fun side of your business when you want to be developing ways to expand? Have a solid idea but don’t know how to execute?

It may be time to hire a freelancer! A freelancer is a contracted worker who comes on your team for a specified period to help out with pre-determined tasks. There’s a freelancer for just about anything biz-related out there, from marketing to admin and everything in between! 

Hiring a freelancer is certainly an investment. So, why hire a freelancer when you or your team can do the work? Here are three primary reasons:

Take Tasks Off Your Plate

First and foremost, freelancers help take tasks off your plate. When you’re juggling a thousand things at once, the reprieve of a freelancer can be liberating. 

Even when you’re not super busy, having a freelancer to do the tasks you dread, like keeping your inbox under control or keeping your books in order, can free up the time you need to create for your biz, which can lead to tremendous growth in your biz over time. 

Think about if you had just one extra hour a day to do whatever you want with it. How much abundance could you create for yourself and your biz? 

Whether it’s recharging yourself or doing the work for a goal you haven’t gotten around to, having this free time would be a game-changer and it’s totally possible with a freelancer!

Access Expertise You Don’t Have

The fact that we can’t be experts in everything is a difficult pill to swallow as an entrepreneur. This is where freelancers can help! 

Because freelancers typically specialize in the services they’re offering, they’re able to act as experts in the exact area you need for your biz. 

For example, as an entrepreneur in the health & wellness space, you can find a digital marketer that specializes in health & wellness content creation so you can ensure that content is being presented in the right place and at the right time to capture your audience’s attention.

Accessing this expertise is especially critical in the development phase of your biz. During this phase (and if you haven’t already!), you may hire an IT professional proficient in API testing to ensure your biz website is running smoothly or a graphic designer to provide you with a killer logo.

Get What You Want When You Want

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why would I hire a freelancer when I can hire an employee to take on a larger scope of tasks?” This is one of the main reasons why!

Working with freelancers allows you to get what you want when you want it. This way, you can save money when you don’t need these services because you can contract for a specific term instead of hiring and firing an employee.

Also, you’ll save time when you do need these services because you’re getting an expert that should need minimal training to get the task(s) done instead of spending time training an employee to continue the task(s) long-term.


These are just some of the numerous benefits that come with hiring a freelancer. There are plenty more, especially when it comes to what kind of freelancer you hire and the person you get to work with.

Ready to hire a freelancer? Make sure you take a moment to think about what pain points you typically experience in your biz and do your research to ensure you find the freelancer that is best suited to your business. 🙌

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