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Phoebe Leona: June Member of the Month

by kimberly morse member of the month Jun 02, 2021

June is busting out all over! 🌻

This WEX Member is getting ready to burst with opportunities! Not only did she co-write a book (coming out July 2021!) and signed up to publish her first solo book with WEX Press this month, she also created this month’s WEX Success Kit!

It is our pleasure to announce June’s Member of the Month… Phoebe Leona! 🎉

Phoebe is the Founder of nOMad and the creator of Mvt109™. She guides transformation through somatic movement & expanded awareness practices, so people feel empowered to fully commit to embodying who they are & have a greater sense of belonging. She offers experiences through retreats, trainings, and other online programs within our community.

The mantra she lives by is, “Awareness is the transformation. If we are aware of the patterns that held us back, we pull back the veil and get to take full responsibility in the choices we make in how we show up and serve in the world” ✨

The transformation Phoebe provides is an AMAZING advantage to female entrepreneurs like the amazing women in our community, which shines through Phoebe’s rapid-fire responses:

Q: Last book you read?

A: The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

Q: When are you most inspired?

A: When I am moving/dancing

Q: What is your biggest strength?

A: I am self-reliant & motivated

Q: Favorite day of the week?

A: Wednesday 🐪

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

A: Elizabeth Gilbert


SUCH great answers Phoebe. I know I’m ready to connect with her! Are you? Here’s how you can:


Facebook: Phoebe Leona

Clubhouse: @PhoebeLeona

Her Website:

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