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How to Grab Your Customer's Attention

business development by kimberly morse marketing social media Jun 03, 2021

Let’s face it- capturing our customer’s attention is HARD… or at least it can be without the proper strategy. Of course, external factors, like what’s surrounding your content on your customer’s Insta feed or the car blocking your street sign, can have a significant impact on your efforts. However, with a killer strategy, you can attract more customers than ever before, sometimes by putting in even less effort. 😱

So, how do you create an outreach strategy that brings the customers flocking to you? Here are three tips to get your started:

Get Clear on Your Branding

Your brand is the foundation upon which your strategy is built, so make sure you’ve taken the time to get clear on your brand! Your brand isn’t just your fonts and colors, it encompasses the essence of your biz. From custom cosmetic packaging to a social media feed that screams your brand and everything in between, everything your biz puts out into the world should be a cohesive unit tied around your brand.

If you’ve already built your brand- great! Make sure you’re tying your branding into everything you’re doing and evaluating your overall brand every step of the way. Have something that isn’t working? Consider revamping your branding guidelines

You should work to keep your brand consistent, but, much like humans, brands are ever-evolving! What worked five years ago may not fit your biz now. In order to stay clear on your branding, you must be consistently evaluating it.

Give Value First…

WITHOUT expecting anything in return!

You know the old adage, “give and you shall receive”? This is SO true in the marketing world! Slowly but surely, your customers will notice how much value you bring to the table every time they see you. This will lead to a build up of trust and eventually, when it’s time to launch or relaunch your product, you’ll be way more likely to capture your customers’ attention (and sales 😉) because they trust you and, subsequently, your product.

Stay Consistent

No matter what campaigns you’re running- social media, physical ads, digital ads, content marketing, etc., it’s super important to stay consistent. This helps you stay top of mind in the consumer’s mind, leads to more authority in your industry, and, in many cases, leaves your customer actually seeking you out when they’re looking for help in your industry!

Now, we know this is easier said than done. That’s why we’re leaving you with a bonus tip when creating your outreach strategy: Keep. It. Simple! Pick what works best for you and what you can manage and put all your marketing efforts into these platforms. 

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Ready to revamp your outreach strategy to catch the eye of your customer every time? Remember to stay clear on your branding, give value FIRST, and stay consistent. Best of luck in your outreach endeavors! 💜

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