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Top Tips to Get the Most Out of Any Event

business development by kimberly morse events Jul 23, 2021

Events are on their way BACK people!! We’re SO excited to see these opportunities to connect and grow together coming back after an insane year. 💜

Ready to jump back on the event scene? Use these tips as a checklist to make sure you get the most of any event experience!

Be Ready to Take Notes at ALL TIMES!

Trust me, you never know when a speaker will say something that just clicks or you’ll get that sudden spark of inspiration that leads to your next best idea.

Bonus: Use what gets you excited! Get yourself a beautiful notebook and smooth pens or create a template for your virtual notes!

Dress to Impress

Whether you’re attending an in-person or virtual event, you should be decked in what makes YOU feel most confident & comfortable- whether that’s rocking your PJs or coming in hot with your best biz attire.

Have Your Business Cards Ready to Go

Business cards can be your lifeline to the connections you make at any event! If you’re going to an in-person event, be sure to have a surplus printed by the night before. If you’re going to a virtual event, create a virtual business card and send it to all your new connections!

Bonus: Canva has a ton of fantastic templates for business cards- both virtually and in-person- and is user-friendly.

Have FUN and Make Connections!

This tip is arguably the most important out of all of them! After all, what’s the purpose of attending an event if you’re not walking out with lifelong friends and having fun in the process. 💁‍♀️

I don’t know about you, but these tips are getting me PUMPED to attend my next event!

If you’re ready to go to an event by the end of this month, join us at WEX Virtual on July 31st from 11:00 AM-4:30 PM EST! July 31st will be jam packed with all your favorite parts of an event- from goodie bags to networking and all the biz knowledge you can soak in- all from the comfort of your home!

Looking forward to connecting with you in the events space. 🙌

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