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4 Helpful Tips For Working At Home

productivity Sep 13, 2021

Still working remotely? Some people love it, some people are ready to get back into the office. Whether you are all for remote work or not, there are lots of benefits when it comes to working at home. 

Remote working since the pandemic has become commonplace amongst many companies, and whether you are working for a company or you are starting your own business, working at home can be a great thing. If you are taking the leap to making working from home a permanent thing, here are some of our tips to start your day right and help you stay productive at home. 


Wake up early 

Waking up early is one of the best ways for you to start off your day working at home. Instead of rolling out of bed at 8:30 and rushing to sit down at your desk - wake up at 7:00am and give yourself some time to make a cup of coffee, catch up on the news, and wake yourself up for a productive day. It is so important that you get an early start to your day and this will improve your mood, energy, and your ability to concentrate. 


Make a healthy breakfast 

When you get up in the morning it is so important to fuel the body. Ensuring you have a hearty and healthy breakfast before you sit down at your desk will fuel your body and your brain, helping you stay focused and keep you going until lunchtime. Taking the time to make a balanced breakfast and enjoy it before you start working will make a big difference to your day. (Don't have time in the morning, prep at night with meals like overnight oats!)


Use helpful tools 

Helpful tools when working at home are important and this can be anything from cloud storage to a physical address such as to help divert your business mail. There are plenty of useful and free tools out there that will make your business processes easier and more effective for remote work.

Set yourself deadlines 

When you work at home or you work for yourself it is important for you to set deadlines and ensure that you are meeting them. Motivating yourself to work effectively when you are at home is one of those challenges that can be hard, however you must do this to reach success. (That's why we host monthly calls with WEX members, so we can motivate each other and help one another stay accountable!)

Ensure that when setting deadlines and goals for yourself that you set realistic ones that you can actually stick to because there is nothing worse than having a mountain to climb and feeling like you will fail. 


If you are thinking of working from home full time consider these tips to keep you alert and productive every day.

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